Animation Reels

This is my general film animation reel. Only shots I animated are included here.

Kevin Koch 2017 Demo Reel from Kevin Koch on Vimeo.

Shots from ‘ScareCrow’ [Moonbot], ‘Hotel Transylvania’ [Sony], ‘Hop’ [Rhythm & Hues], ‘Rio’ [Blue Sky], ‘Madagascar,’ [DreamWorks], and ‘Ice Age Christmas Special’ [Blue Sky]. Film shots and characters copyright their respective studios.

Software: Maya, Emo (DreamWorks), Voodoo (Rhythm & Hues)

This is a sampling of the shots I animated at Moonbot, while acting as Animation/Layout Supervisor.

Moonbot Studios Reel – Kevin Koch – Animator/Animation Supervisor on Vimeo.

1. ‘Scarecrow’ film [Chipotle], 2. ‘The Cask of Amontillado’ film [Amplify], 3. ‘The Numberlys’ film [Moonbot Studios], 4. ‘Diggs Nightcrawler’ PS3 game and TV pilot episode [Sony Computer Entertainment], 5. ‘Scarecrow: Boorito’ [Chipotle], 6. ‘Silent’ film [Dolby], 7. ‘Hide & Seek’ app [Moonbot], 8. ‘Ranger Rick, Jr.: Lions’ app [National Wildlife Fund], 9. ‘Parade’ commercials [Michelin], 10. Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Superheros’ cinematics [Avalanche/Disney], 11. ‘The Numberlies’ children’s TV pilot [Amazon], 12. ‘Conductor Girl’ film [Dolby Atmos intro].

Software: Maya, Unity.

A Game/Creature Demo Reel is in progress.