‘The Scarecrow’ for Chipotle

Wow, it’s almost been a year since my last post. Time flies when you’re busy, and I’ve been busy! The first two of the eight or nine projects (not kidding!) I’ve worked on at Moonbot in the last 12 months are finally public. And here’s the entire short film, The Scarecrow:

And my favorite part, the app/game Chipotle Scarecrow:

Feed the people!

Feed the people!

This project has been developed and produced with a stunning degree of love and craft. No feature film I’ve ever worked on was labored over with greater intensity. Animation started on the film just as I arrived in Shreveport, and while half of our animation team did Diggs Nightcrawler, Beavan Blocker, Jason Behr, Scott McWhinnie, and I animated The Scarecrow. And in some cases reanimated, and reanimated again!

We even shot some miniatures, and I ended up animating most of those shots against a greenscreen in Maya. Having a small hand in building the miniatures was a ball, and I hope we eventually do something either fully stop motion or at least with full miniature backgrounds.

And when we wrapped the film, Beavan, Jason, and I shifted to a much more playful style, and animated the game (and got our splendid introduction to the Unity game engine). Jamming through the game animation was a great release after the very detailed, and sometimes somber approach to the film. At the end of the day, I was most impressed by what our Interactive group did with the game. I think the film is a fine one, but I think the game sets a new bar for artfulness within that genre.

Special bonus: when you unlock all the game levels and get at least 3 stars on each level, you win a free burrito! At least, if you’re one of the first million people to do so, and I know you’re all up to that challenge! So go download the game and get busy!

3 Responses to “‘The Scarecrow’ for Chipotle”

  1. smacleod Says:

    Amazing short. So good.

  2. Kevin Says:

    Thank you! Hope you tried the game, too.

  3. Ivonne Isla Solther Says:

    Great short film. I was very impressed and pleased when I got to see it some days ago, I never expected something like this from a food chain! (kinda wish we had Chipotle in Mexico, ha)

    Gotta try the game some time soon.

    Congrats on the awesome results, and thanks for sharing.

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