Hotel T done!

Animation has pretty much wrapped on Hotel Transylvania, and I’m finally free to deal with months of sleep deprivation and give this site some attention. The caffeine-withdrawl headaches couldn’t keep me from finally (I think) purging the horrible pharma-hack that’s plagued my site for months. As you can see from my last post, so many months ago, I thought I had it licked before, but this time I’m pretty sure. Anyway, here’s the gang I’ve been hanging out with for the last 6 months:

Hotel T Culver City animation crew

Yes, I’m the lucky one in the white shirt getting his ear tickled by the lovely Mavis. She’s really hot in person, despite the big head. That’s director Genndy Tartakovsky holding the shrunken head. This is just the Culver City gang – there were a bunch of talented animators in Vancouver, too. It was an amazing production in a lot of ways, and hopefully I’ll write a little about some of that here in the next few weeks. For now I’ll just say it was a great crew, and Genndy was a blast to work for. Somebody sign that guy up to direct some more features right now!

And if you want to get some sense of some of the animation ideas we tried to bring to Hotel T, check out the short film Maruined by Mr. Tartakovsky from a few years ago:

I know the voices in this annoy a lot of people, but the animation and design ideas are absolutely brilliant! It was a fantastic challenge bringing that sensibility to CG. Enjoy!

[The crew photo was orchestrated and taken by the talented Jason Behr. Thank you, Jason!]

3 Responses to “Hotel T done!”

  1. David Bernal Says:

    Awesome!! Cant wait for it, ‘am really digging the visuals!
    & loved Maruined! Thanks 4 sharing!

  2. Segun.O.Mosuro Says:

    The animation in trailer#4 looked really good, and I like the character designs, I really hope the story’s just as good. It must have been fun to animate those characters.
    Maruined was fun, thanks for sharing it.

  3. Kevin Says:

    David, it’s great to hear from you! I owe you an email to see how your short film is going.

    Segun, glad you liked the animation in the latest trailer. That trailer definitely gives the best impression of what’s in the film. It was a challenge, and a lot of fun, to animate those characters in Genndy’s style. I hope you enjoy the movie.

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