After operating under the radar for a little while, SynchroLux has been ‘discovered’ thanks to Cartoon Brew. Take a look at my site statistics for the last 7 days:

Sitemeter stats

I got more hits yesterday than in all the prior weeks combined, which isn’t surprising considering the popularity of Cartoon Brew. That’s super cool, and I hope people find something interesting here.

As far as the item on the Brew goes, I made clear in the comments section there that what Amid had to say about Bee Movie, and about DreamWorks movies in general, are his opinions. The context of my Faking It post are clear if you read the full piece, and my thoughts weren’t related to any specific movie or studio. I’m proud of the work I did on Shrek 2, Madagascar, and Over the Hedge, and I think all three of those movies work as films, and that each has a host of interesting, well-developed characters that were a pleasure to animate.  Hopefully everyone is clear about the distinction between Amid’s opinions about DreamWorks and my own.

That said, I know Amid, and we agree on far more about animation than we disagree on. I read his Animation Blast for years before he and Jerry Beck started Cartoon Brew, and the Brew is usually my first internet stop each day. So it’s all good, and welcome to new and old friends alike.

4 Responses to “Found!”

  1. Rodrigo Says:

    Well, hello there.

  2. madmind Says:

    This is why I love the internet so much:

    I am sitting here and read some blogs here and there about animation only to discover this blog with a great article about Show Flows.

    Try that one in a library.

  3. Mark Mayerson Says:

    Hi Kevin. I’ve been enjoying this blog even before Cartoon Brew linked to it.

    I can always tell when I’ve been linked to on the Brew because my hits go up enormously as well. It does show how widely read Cartoon Brew is, which is a tribute to Jerry and Amid.

  4. Kevin Says:

    Hello, Rodrigo and madmind. I checked out both your blogs — cool stuff.

    Mark, thanks, that means a lot coming from you. Keep up the great work on your (highly recommended) site. And yeah, I think the Brew is the number one animation website there is, for good reason.

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