New Warner Bros. Short Cartoons!

Yes, it’s been a ridiculously long time since I’ve posted.  My apologies.  But the good news is that I’m here to show off the major reason I’ve been too busy to blog — I’ve been working crazy hard on five new Warner Brothers short cartoons, and they’re now online here.

PEPFAR Judy M.D. Super Surgeon title

The story of how and why these shorts were made is a long one, but the brief story is that they’re part of PEPFAR — the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief.  PEPFAR is a U.S. program to promote AIDS prevention, care, and treatment in Africa, and Warner Bros. has been partnering with the U.S. State Department in some interesting ways on that front.

Part of the plan is to release a video game that promotes and encourages responsible sexual behavior, with the twist that the game is set in Kenya with Kenyan characters.  But hey, how do you get people interested in playing a video game that’s pro-social?  Our task was to do a Warner Bros. style short for each character, to introduce them to the Kenyan public.  The shorts themselves had only two tasks — be super entertaining, and introduce the characters in an appealing way.  But to keep them from looking like Public Service Announcements, the shorts weren’t burdened with anything to do with HIV/AIDS.  They’re just meant to be fun cartoons!

PEPFAR Warner Bros. shorts menu

So where are these shorts? Since I can’t post a direct link, when you go to the site, click on the “Learn” tab and you’ll see five player windows as above.  Click on any of the titles: Sean, Judy M.D. Super Surgeon, Lady D, Georgy, or Lefty, and the short will start.

PEPFAR Georgy still

Check them out, and tell me what you think.  Our schedule was so insane that there were some inevitable compromises, but I think they hit the mark.  I’ll be posting more about them shortly and fill in some of the details.

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  1. Dave Says:

    Hey Kevin!
    Congrats on the whole team, I really loved “Super Surgeon” and how everything flowed smoothly. The BGs on all of them had the WB feel to it and I think WB should created a series of Saturday morning cartoons in CG just like the good ol’ days buy they were in 2D.

    Take care!

  2. Nicole Says:

    I like them a lot and thought they were really entertaining to watch. So job well done! Will there be any more of these shorts?

  3. Gunther Says:

    Hey, it’s great that you are back.
    The results are really something – congratulations. Most of the comedy timing was superb. I especially loved “Lady D” – and the short moment when the little girl shouts “Mom”. Animation, framing and timing is perfect here.
    Can’t wait to read your follow up posts regarding the shorts.
    By the way: are there any plans to create more shorts like these? I think this would be the perfect way to pitch several possible animated cartoon to the audience.

  4. alonso Says:

    So nice to see something other then generic white. What fun little shorts!

  5. Alej Garcia Says:

    Welcome back. Those shorts are great; it’s hard to pick a favorite. Looking forward to hearing more about the behind-the-scenes production.

  6. Nico Says:

    Reaally great!!!
    Sean, Lady D and Georgy are my favorites
    I hope you’ll be able to tell us more about thoses…

  7. Bryon Says:

    Hey Kevin! The shorts are really great! I especially liked Super Surgeon and Georgy. The action and timing worked really well and I liked a lot of the acting choices. It’s awesome that Warner Bros. is contributing to such a great cause! Bravo!

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Why is being Kenyan regarded as a twist?!

  9. Kevin Says:

    Sorry for the delay in posting again with more details, but hopefully that’ll happen soon.

    Answering a few questions in reverse order:

    I didn’t say that being Kenyan is a twist (I hate to say it, but I think this is probably a bit of a ‘troll’ comment, but I’ll respond anyway). The twist is that the first Warner Bros. shorts made in a long time weren’t made for domestic consumption, but were made for Kenya. I don’t think there’s ever been western animation on this scale done specifically for an African country, and I find that both cool and noteworthy.

    Will there be more such cartoons? Possibly, but the crew has been scattered, and with the financial crisis I wonder if the funding for PEPFAR will continue. But I do hope that the folks at Warner Digital were happy enough with how this worked out that they’ll get some other animated projects going!

  10. Jules Says:

    Hey Kevin! Great to see what you’ve been up to! These are fantastic fun shorts! Some of the coolest work I’ve seen out in quite a while and totally unexpected. The project sounds quite worthy of your time. I can’t say that they feel particularly “Warner Bros” to me, but whatever they are…I really enjoyed them. Fun designs and some great animation.

    Thanks for sharing!

  11. Mariya Kalachova Says:

    Hey Kevin! These are great. I love the Super Surgeon one, would have been really fun to work on. The models and designs are really appealing as well and I think the overall concept is so worthy and just being part of that must feel like a nice break from the normal ‘entertainment’ work, they were still certainly entertaining. So where were these aired?
    Thanks for posting this up.

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