October update

After a relaxing 6 week break filled with traveling, fishing, family, and sleeping in, I’ve been back at Snoot (yes, it’s “toons” spelled backwards) to help buff up Terra. The film was well received at Montreal, but the consensus was that some of the story could be a little clearer and a little more family friendly. It’s great fun . . .
. . . to actually get to those “wish list” shots and to help craft an improved version of the film.

At Animation Mentor I’m now teaching class 6, Short Film Production. This is the final class, where the students are thrown into the blender and try to animate the short film they planned out in class five. For the students it means blocking and fully animating 60-90 seconds in 12 weeks. Yeah, it’s a shock to their system, especially when I’m inevitably making story/camera/layout suggestions in the first few weeks, on top of the animation notes. But they’re all making tremendous progress, and it’s satisfying seeing their short films tighten up and take shape.

And I’m doing some consulting on a very intriguing medical/animation project that, amazingly, lets me use a big portion of my pre-animation expertise in medicine. It’s still early, but this could be a huge project that actually makes a difference in the world.

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